Lead Assessment

Effective April 22, 2010, all RENOVATIONS in target housing or child-occupied facilities must be directed by and performed by CERTIFIED renovators or individuals trained in accordance with EPS: 40 CFR Part 745 Lead; Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program (RRP).

 Lead Paint
Lead Based Paint is fast becoming a leading environmental concern.  Unlike asbestos, the health effects connected with Lead Based Paint are both critical and immediate and therefore the liability is a real and present concern. The implementation of Title X-Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 and with the guidelines promulgated in 1995, the responsibilities and liabilities of the owner are explicitly defined as well as those of the Consulting Agencies.  These guidelines are the standards for the conduct of renovation and remodeling of housing, public buildings constructed before 1978, and commercial buildings.  We are a certified firm with the State of Texas and our employees are certified as Lead Based Paint Inspectors/Risk Assessors.

Lead Based Paint Testing
Astex Environmental Services (AES) is prepared to conduct comprehensive non-invasive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing with a Niton XL, X-Ray Fluorescence portable paint analyzer that allows for immediate results without defacing or damaging painted surfaces.  AES employees are trained and Texas certified and adhere to the most stringent guidelines applicable to the type of property whether they are the H.U.D. guidelines or OSHA standards. All results are reported in an easy to read format that informs the client as to the extent of the problem and details solutions with a cost analysis of each option.

 Managment of Lead Based Paint
As with asbestos, the management of Lead Based Paint is a key component to reduce the liability of the property owner.  AES is prepared to develop an Operations and Maintenance plan to include maintenance personnel training and to conduct periodic re-inspections to ensure that the condition of the Lead Based Paint does not deteriorate.

Lead Based Paint Abatement & Air Monitoring
AES is available to write work plans, prepare bid documents and work, on the client’s behalf, to obtain competitive bids from abatement contractors for the removal of the material.  As Project Managers, AES has the expertise and personnel to supervise the abatement project from pre-abatement activities to the waste characterization and notification of the regulatory agencies for the transport and burial of the contaminated material in an approved landfill.  Our trained technicians will perform air monitoring at the site to insure regulatory compliance and to insure the client that the property is safe and free of airborne lead dust.

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